Viking Trailers International became established in Dubai in April 2005. Viking are well known within the airport industry having designed, manufactured and supplied GSE from their origin in the UK since 1972. The Viking name is synonymous with quality and best value products.

VIKING 3 Tier ULD Storage System

Everyday hundreds of aircraft are in transit carrying thousands of passengers and tons of freight all over the world. As customers we put our trust in the airlines and expect they will deliver our freight and mail to the required destination without delay and, most importantly, in good condition. In order to achieve this there is a process  hat needs to occur and securing the safe transit of all cargo is hinged around a rigorous build-up process that needs to be adhered to.

10 Good Reasons For Having A 3 Tier ULD Storage System

1. Space Saving by approximately 3 : 1

2. Less damage to ULD‘s due to correct storage and handling, creating a cost saving.

3. Extended life expectancy for the ULD‘s due to correct managment, storage and handling.

7. Tracking and known whereabouts: Easy to monitor & find, knowing where ULD‘s  are located  at all times, reducing frustration in the workforce (RFID possible).

5.  Reduce operational costs by lower replacement rate and repair.

6. Reduction in manpower.

8. Less hazardous in windy conditions, particularly around aircraft.

9. Appearance: Organized clean storage, less of an eyesore to passengers.

4. Good image for the Service Provider.

10. Prominent name display of Service Provider and Customer Airlines.

 Principle Of The 3 TierULD Storage System

  • The plan view shows the dimensions of a typical installation.


  • The steelwork is fully galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461


  • Crash barrier is standard.


  • The side view shows the framework construction.


  • A low voltage system is standard. (Control system & lighting).This adds to safety.


  • Headroom deck 1 and 2 is 1.9 m.

Scale Drawing

Sample Installations


View inside shows ball mat in the distrubutor lane and roller bed in the storage lanes.

DNATA, Dubai Int. Airport has 7 systems operating at DXB and more much bigger Systems at DWC.Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) has 2 systems operating.Qatar Airport Services (QAS) has several systemsOperating.Int. Airport Muskat in Oman has two systems Operating.Plus others in the region.

Customized Layouts With Corresponding Quotations Can Be Provided On Short Notice.

Please contact in the Middle East  : Sunny Dharmarajan

(+971) 48860244


The system offers every flexibility and can be fully adapted to customer needs.Shown here: London Gatwick, in operation for more Than 20 years.